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The Services of IG BCE for members

People in the centre

IG BCE is strongly pressing ahead with the change towards
more social justice and economic rationality. In this, our goals
are clearly defined and are in the interests of society as a
whole: Sustainable business management, human values,
decent working conditions and appropriate remuneration.
We are fighting for this!


The services of IG BCE for members

This is precisely why we insist on investments in corporate
successes and their fair distribution. At the same time, we
advocate for shaping professional and private lives, ensuring
old-age provision and developing prospects for young
IG BCE wants modern industry with literally “sustainable”
growth, in which responsible behaviour is natural. It is
based on “Good Work”, for the assessment of which, people
are decisive in everything. Good Work therefore only takes
place through the co-determination and participation of the
With this in mind, IG BCE carries out “Good Work” – every
day, for example through collective agreements for
apprenticeship and in-service training, our activities for the
reconciliation of career and family and the new collective
agreement, »Working life and demography«. This shows: Our
goals are achievable if we travel down the road together and
work together to shape the future.
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